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UMLILO in English

  • fire         

    (advb, verb, noun, adjv, ijec   )


  • the state of combustion in which inflammable material burns, producing heat, flames and often smoke

translation and definition "umlilo", Zulu-English Dictionary 

Who We Are


Umlilo Charcoal Products (Pty) Ltd was formed early in 2014 following an extensive study into the feasibility of manufacturing and distributing charcoal and related products in Southern Africa.


All our charcoal is sourced from Namibia and no chemicals are used as addictives in our products. The company's operations are based in Hartebeespoortdam from where it distributes its products throughout Southern Africa as well as into the European market.  

Our Products


Namibian Hardwood Charcoal packed locally in 4kgs.


Namibian Hardwood Briquettes manufactured and packed locally in 4 kgs bags.


Fire lighter tablets manufactured and packaged locally in 300 gms carton boxes.

Made from only natural hardwood, such as Sekelbos, which is an invasive plant that really made its presence felt in the northern regions of South Africa and proliferates in Botswana and Namibia.

General Characteristics of Umlilo’s Charcoal and Briquettes:

Moisture Content:  7.1% - 7.8%

Volatile Matter:  13.0% - 13.5%

Fixed Carbon:  68.0% - 75.0%

Ash:       3.7% - 7.7%

Heating Value: 7,100 - 7,300 kcal/kg

Density:  970kg/m3

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